i think it's funny how you would have trouble understanding an american accent whereas i would have trouble understanding an australian accent. i always forget to think in terms of being on the other side of the accent.... do you ever try to fake an american accent? what's the trick to doing an australian accent?

i dont have a lot of trouble, but i notice it more when watching psych, because im trying to write down what they say word for word, and sometimes ill replay a sentence four or five times and still not understand a certain word. to be fair “forced” in an american accent sounds exactly like forrest in an australian accent. but idk, i think it would probably be easier for me to fake an american accent than it would for you to fake an australian one, because 95% of the television i watch is american.. and i watch A LOT of television .. so generally (besides a few words here and there, as we all know from observing this blog) im pretty accustom to it.

as for your last question, a quick 24 second tutorial:




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