how about some psych news/spoilers, to cover up my laziness and empty queue?

Question: Psych. One of the funniest shows out there. Any spoilers or something to hold me over until the new season? —Mildred

Ausiello: Try this on for size: The series is remaking The Hangover! Well, kinda. In what’s sure to be a much-talked-about eppy, Shawn, Gus, Lassiter and Woody wake up in the Psych Office without even a fuzzy recollection of the preceding evening of shenanigans. (Shawn’s hot hook-up sure does, though… ) More troubling? They might have killed somebody!”

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    What?! Shawn’s hook up?! What about Juliet?!!??!
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    I love the Hangover and I love Psych so I will probably love this.
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