so um, obviously i havent been updating this blog. heres why:

i purchased seasons one and two on dvd, assuming they would have subtitles and it would make running this blog a whole lot easier - but they don’t.

i tried downloading subtitles files that i found on various websites, but i can’t for the life of me get vlc player to pick them up.

i thought maybe the subtitles files would work if i used them with .avi files instead of my dvds, but then i remembered that my external hard drive with over 100 gigs of television including every episode of psych was recently dropped and is now nothing but a clicking mess that is impossible to fix.

soooooooooo, unless one of my wonderful computer savvy followers can tell me how to get these .srt files working with my psych dvd’s - it looks like this blog is going to remain inactive.



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    Right click, video, subtitles track, open file. Just make sure you have subtitles marked DVDRip so they match up.
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